Students coming from foreign countries, have questions in their mind concerning the atmosphere, admission procedure, fees structure etc. Here is a list of questionnaire to help out the students to clear their doubts regarding Ukraine and educational system in the country.

How much it cost to study along with living in Ukraine?

If we compare with other European Countries, Ukraine is bit cheaper. Here standard of living and education is cheaper but the quality is very high. The most important thing is the students will not be overburdened with tuition fees.

How to apply for any course in Ukraine?

Students, who want to take part in any academic course in Universities of Ukraine, can contact the concerned University directly.

What preparation is needed?

To get admission in any University in Ukraine, no entrance examination is needed. The chances of admission of a student completely depend on the vacancies available in the desired University. Along with that, the marks obtained by the students also carry grave importance.

What is the medium of Instruction in Ukraine?

Generally, English is used as the medium of instruction in various institutes across Ukraine. So, it’s not a problem for foreign students.

How the students are treated here?

Students from Ukraine and students coming from foreign countries, both get equal importance by the University authority. To make the students comfortable, especially who are coming from abroad, the University holds special interaction programs.

What are the future prospects?

Students passing out from Ukrainian Universities can expect a successful career. Graduates from various Universities across Ukraine can get job anywhere across the world.

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