About Ukraine

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe. After the collapse of Soviet Russia in the year 1991, Ukraine gained independence and emerged as a sovereign country. Ukraine is a fertile plain with immense agricultural possibilities along with the presence of heavy industries in the eastern region. Being a part of previous USSR, Ukraine and Russia share common historical genesis. Kiev is the Capital city of Ukraine. Nearly 44,429,471 people live in the Country as per 2015 data.

It is one of the most beautiful countries of Europe. It has many industrial estates along with several educational institutions which represent the rich culture. The country is notable for tourism and education.

At present, students who want to pursue higher study in Medical Science, or want to do MBBS, are choosing Ukraine as their favorite option due to quality education and affordability. The education is cost-effective but quality is excellent. There is a belief that education in foreign country means a lot of amount to be spent. But it’s not true always. Countries like Russia, Georgia, Ukraine has established a remarkable impression by providing quality education at an affordable range. They have been providing this for long because of the support from the Government as the Government fund the education system.